New Comedy!

We’re continuing to bring you the best in comedy that’s coming to our favorite city, Las Vegas. We’ve added Jokesters at the D, The Eddie Griffin Experience at SLS, Mo’Nique Does Vegas to our Comedy page’s listings. We’re also watching for Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club to begin announcing acts coming to that club. So, Keep checking our site for the latest in great Comedy acts. Don’t forget to check our site for great rates at Caesars properties!

We Keep Getting Better

We've added quite a few listings to our "Happy Hour" page, so now you'll have a great range of food choices, from burgers & pizza to sushi.

We're also proud of our "Comedy Calendar" page. It has now become our 2nd highest viewed page on the site behind our ever-popular "Calendar of Events" page.

As always, if you find an event you feel we should list, send us an email and we'll take a look.

Thanks for visiting our little corner of the web.


We're continuing to make a big update to the Concerts and Calendar of Events pages. Keep checking the site to see what's coming during your upcoming dates. Also, don't forget to use our click-throughs to book hotel rooms and purchase tickets for your upcoming trips. Or, use our Amazon click-through before you make your Amazon purchases (Doesn't cost you anything, just helps to support the site). Thanks!

Giving Back

Unfortunately, the tragic event of October 1st showed us the worst of what one individual can do. But, Las Vegas is doing what it does best: Showing that you can't keep a great city down!

We are so impressed at the way businesses and residents (and those of us that travel there) in Las Vegas have rallied around First Responders, those who have donated blood, and individuals making donations towards the Go Fund Me page to help victims.

We want to ask you do something for us. Join and visit our Facebook page, look at the businesses and restaurants that are donating/discounting meals to First Responders and blood donors. When you get to Las Vegas for your next trip, be sure to patronize those restaurants and businesses.   Let them know you heard about their good deeds on LVFB. You might find a new, favorite place to go.  #LVFB#VegasStrong

Happy Hour Updates

We're updating our Happy Hour page. It'll take us a bit to finish it, but we're looking to have 20 - 30 different places for you to enjoy an inexpensive drink and a bite to eat. Take a look over the next few days as we add more each day. Have a favorite place to enjoy a good Happy Hour? Drop us an email and let us know about it.


We're Improving Our Site

Thanks for subscribing to our Blog. Just wanted to let you know that we're continuing to improve our little corner of the web. We've made several improvements in the last few weeks to get ready for the upcoming Vegas travel season.

1) We now list all the concerts by residence performers on our "Concerts" page. You'll find Elton John, Cher, Celine Dion, Brittney Spears, Ricky Martin, Reba w/Brooks and Dunn, Lionel Richie, and more. Concerts are listed out to December, 2017!

2) We now have all the Mirage "Aces of Comedy" shows for all of 2017 listed (there are some dates empty, but AOC still has some dates to list). If you want to see Fluffy, Bill Maher, Tim Allen, etc., they're on our "Comedy" page.

3) We have events listed out to 2022 (We know, it's only one event, but hey, it's a start). We will continue to list all the events we can find, as far out as we can find, to help with your trip planning.

4) At the first of the year, we will drop some of the less popular pages and concentrate our efforts on the more visited pages.

5) PLEASE, if you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. That's what this site is here for and we always look forward to your input to help us make it better.

6) We've made it very easy to support the site and we appreciate every one who has used our Amazon click-through, booked a Caesars hotel room using any click-through, or made a Paypal donation. It doesn't cost you any more to use our click-through ads and it helps us offset expenses.

We look forward to help you plan a trip to our favorite city in 2017. Remember: we want to make your next trip to Las Vegas the best trip ever!

How to support our site

If you appreciate our little corner of the web, our (mostly) ad-free site, and our clean and direct approach to posting information on concerts, comedy venues, and information about our favorite city, please consider supporting our site. You can donate from our PayPal link, book a room at a Caesars property using our click-through links (as long as you find it competitively priced) or purchase a Vegas-related product from our Amazon listings. Actually, you don't have to purchase the products on our page. Just click on a product, go to its page and then continue on and shop as you would. We'll get a spiff for you using our site, and it doesn't cost you a thing. Thanks for any support you give.

New Concert Page

We're continuing to expand LVFB! We've now added a Concerts page featuring acts playing all over our favorite city. Some names you'll recognize, some will be new to you. Locations for the concerts are both on-and-off Strip.  Drop us a line and let us know what you think of our newest pages (Comedy Calendar & Concerts).

Free Vegas Visitors Guide

Las is offering a free full color visitors/planning guide that you can click on and read, or fill in a little information and download it. It looks perfect if you're looking for a little information on our favorite city. Click the link HERE and take a look. If anyone asks, tell them that Las Vegas For sent you. Cheers!

New Comedy Page

We've had visitors ask about where to find out about comedy acts that will be in town, and we never had a great webpage to send them to. NOT ANY MORE! Check out our Comedy Calendar page where we list Residencies, Comedy Clubs, and upcoming headliner dates. Thanks for stopping by.


Do you have a suggestion for our site? A way to improve it, or an event that is coming that we might have missed? Feel free to e-mail us and let us know. Thanks for visiting our little corner of the web.

Another Trip Report

We just noticed that we did not post a link to our May Trip Report. If you'd like to read it, click HERE to see what we did. It'll give you a chance to see some of the things we talk about on our "Things to Do" page. 

A New Trip Report

We spent a few days in our favorite city this past September and we've posted a Trip Report, complete with pictures. Jump over HERE and take a read. We hope you like it, and remember to keep coming back to LVFB.


Deciding on when to go to Las Vegas?

Here's a tip: Go to our Calendar of Events page and look at what is happening during the time period  you're considering to take your trip. Want to see a Barrett-Jackson auction? Want to go to a beer festival? Want to watch a Moto-Cross competition? How about the Las Vegas Bike Fest? We have 61 events for the remainder of 2013 (as of February 1st) and 6 events already listed for 2014. Everything is listed, dates, times, admission fees, maps, all you need to make this trip "The Best Trip Ever".